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Porcelain Crowns
Austin, TX

Woman smiling after getting porcelain dental crowns at South Austin Dental in Austin, TXHere at South Austin Dental, we are more than happy to fit porcelain dental crowns for you. Crowns are porcelain or ceramic prosthetics that are cemented onto the teeth to completely cap or encircle them. They are normally used as part of the restoration procedure for teeth with large cavities. Some people will opt to have crowns attached to their teeth for cosmetic reasons, especially if they have discolored teeth. Crowns are cemented onto the teeth and are unremovable.

Dental crowns are either made of porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, or resin. Porcelain and ceramic are normally used for cosmetic purposes and discoloration issues. Stainless steel crowns are used on weak teeth. There are a couple of factors that determine which type of crown you should get. You should come and see us so that we can explore your situation and advise on which crowns are best suited for you.

The Crowning Procedure

The crown attachment procedure is quite simple, though it takes two visits to our clinic. During the first visit, your tooth will be examined to ensure it is ready to take a crown. In most instances, the tooth will need to be filled up so that it can hold the crown. When rectifying tooth gap issues, the gap has to be filled up in the shape of a tooth before a crown is attached to the filling.

Once the tooth is shaped up for crowning, an impression of the tooth will be taken to the lab so that a crown can be made. A temporary crown will be fitted to protect the filling as you wait for your permanent crown to be made. Once the crown is ready, the temporary crown is removed, and your new permanent crown will be fitted and cemented in place. It might take a while for the tooth to feel normal. The tooth should function as normal teeth after a short while. You should come back to the clinic for consultation if anything does not feel right.

Maintain Hygiene

It is important that you practice good oral hygiene after the crown has been inserted to ensure it stays in perfect condition. Crowns last for a lifetime, but they could still get damaged if you do not take good care of them. Brush and clean your teeth regularly. Porcelain and enamel crowns could get discolored as well if you don’t clean them. Also, avoid biting or chewing hard foods with the crown. An occasional visit to our clinic for a checkup is essential too.

Crowns will solve your dental issues and improve your appearance. Some issues that you might have been born with, such as tooth gaps, can be easily rectified using crowns. The tooth crowning procedure, though not complicated, should be done by professionals. Visit our clinic, and we will fix up the best crowns for your teeth. Trust us to restore some glow on your teeth and make your smile a little bit brighter.

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Here at South Austin Dental, we are more than happy to fit porcelain dental crowns to replaced damage or decayed teeth for you. Click here to learn more!
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