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Image of a young woman smiling after oral care and hygiene at South Austin Dental.Your oral health care begins before you are born, and continues daily for the rest of your life. Your diet, tooth brushing routine, attending regular dental checkups and more, are important to having a healthy smile. Our team at South Austin Dental can provide you with the information you need for better oral healthcare through a daily oral hygiene routine.

Yes, we meant it when we said that your oral health care began even before you were born. A developing fetus is already growing the buds that will someday be teeth and some are growing healthier buds than others. The downside of this is you had no control of your own developing tooth buds, but it’s important to know this because you can control some elements of the next generation through information. Once you are born, your diet and hygiene continues to make a difference.

Parents should consider the guidance provided by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry including not giving little ones juice, or putting children to bed with bottles. We invite you to investigate and learn more about dental health and young children. There is improved information and education from past generations as we have learned more.

We recommend developing an age appropriate oral hygiene routine from the moment your first tooth appears. Routines promote continuous thoughtful care. Your oral routine should include:
•  Brushing and Flossing Daily: Whether you are less than 1 or over 101, you should be cleaning whatever teeth you have daily. For a baby, this may be done with just a clean washcloth or soft brush. For children through adulthood, this should include a manual brush or a rotary brush. Increasingly, we are recommending rotary brushes because the results are superior. Additionally, find the floss that works for you. There are so many flossing options now available, including thread, sticks and waterpiks. Many parents find that handing their children flossing sticks works well for them. Today, we have a wide variety of oral healthcare products at many local stores or online to meet varying flavors, brands, ingredients and options for a wide set of needs.
•  Schedule Regular Dental Visits: We like to see our patients regularly, about twice a year. Scheduling regular dental cleaning and checkup visits will help you have better oral health. We remove hardened tartar to stop decay, and check for any signs of trouble. By comparing digital radiology images from previous visits, we can see changes as they occur helping us know and understand your mouth even better.
•  Preventive Care: There are treatments we can perform to help you have even better oral health. Preventive care is done to stop problems before they occur. This can include dental sealants which provide a layer over the most vulnerable areas of molars, fluoride treatment to remineralize enamel, and more.
•  Diet: The biggest culprit of tooth decay is sugar. Bacteria in our mouth feeds on the sugar particles that get stuck in our teeth with food, and becomes part of the plaque blend that our mouth naturally makes. As bacteria feeds on the sugar it finds, the bacteria then emits an acid that decays our teeth and causes gum disease. Unfortunately, sugar is abundant. We know it is in cakes and pastries, but it is also in breads and pastas, juices and sodas, it’s in fruit and even vegetables. It’s hard to hide from sugar.

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Our team at South Austin Dental can provide you with the information you need for better oral healthcare through a daily oral hygiene routine. Click to learn more.
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