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Dental Crowns
Austin, TX

Woman smiling after getting new dental crowns at South Austin Dental in Austin, TXOur team of dentistry experts at South Austin Dental are ready to help you with dental crowns.

Dental crowns are a popular dental procedure that involves placing a tooth-shaped cap over decayed or severely damaged teeth. While filling and bonding can help with small issues, sometimes they won’t be able to provide the proper strength.

A crown can also be used to hold a bridge in place or to bind parts of a cracked tooth together. Furthermore, crowns are also commonly used to cover teeth that are severely discolored or misshapen.


There are two main crown categories: prefabricated or made to order. Premade crowns are usually used until the permanent crown is built in the lab and is generally made of stainless steel or plastic. Permanent crowns can be made of many materials including zirconia, metal, ceramic and their combinations. The right choice of a crown depends on your specific case.

All metal crowns are great for back teeth because they are the strongest material, while the all-ceramic crowns are better for visible teeth since they have the same color and are virtually unnoticeable. We can help you with your decision, by considering your lifestyle, specific issue and by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of every option.

Regardless of your chosen crown material, you can expect it to last at least seven years, while for some this can be a lifetime procedure. The reason for this huge gap is that the crown is not likely to be damaged, but the tooth underneath can develop a cavity. Thus, you should make sure to maintain proper dental hygiene to improve the longevity of your crown.


The crown preparation varies in different cases. For example, patients who have a deep cavity may also need a root canal. Furthermore, if the large portion of the tooth is decayed or missing, you will also need a foundation to support the crown.

Before placing the crown, our dentist will reduce the tooth to ensure a proper fitting. The proper amount of the tooth that needs to be removed varies on the crown material. After this, you will most likely get a temporary crown while the permanent one is being made. In some cases, your crown could be completed in one visit using CEREC® technology.

In each case, we will make a mold of your tooth using a type of rubber which will set on your tooth and then be removed. This step could also be done digitally. The purpose of this step is to ensure the crown will perfectly fit into your bite, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort.

A temporary crown is placed using a temporary cement, so it’s easy to remove once needed. The second appointment will most likely be made in under a year. On your second visit, we will test your permanent crown before permanently cementing it on your tooth.

If you have any questions regarding crowns, contact us at South Austin Dental at (512) 441-8922 today. We can advise on what is best for you with a professional service.


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