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Dental Cleanings
Austin, TX

Woman relaxing in a dental chair before her dental cleaning appointment at South Austin Dental in Austin, TX Here at South Austin Dental, we are ready to give your teeth a thorough clean to help prevent future problems. Dental hygiene is one of the most important aspects of your overall health. Unhealthy teeth can cause many other even more serious problems inside your body. For example heart disease, indigestion, and repetitive headaches. Dental hygiene can also prevent serious teeth conditions such as cavities and gum inflammation and keep your teeth healthy for years to come.

Most people tend to overlook the importance of prevention. Only a small percent of people cleans their teeth regularly and even fewer floss. We suggest that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day around 2-4 minutes per brushing.

Cleaning takes only about 8 minutes per day, and everyone should be able to spare at least that much time for maintaining their health. Your nutrition plays a big role in this as well. We suggest you eat a well-balanced diet (fruits, vegetables, water, etc.), limit your daily intake of sugary treats and soda drinks, red wine, tea, coffee and you should avoid smoking and chewing tobacco products. Products you use for your daily cleaning and flossing should preferably contain fluoride.

Leave it to the Professionals

In today’s society where everything has to be flawless, and problems have to be solved quickly, almost anyone would like a bright white Hollywood smile in a few easy steps. The first thing that often comes to mind is commercial whitening/cleaning kits that have exploded in popularity with new age social media instant marketing.

We do not recommend you use these commercial whitening kits even though they are approved by some respectable dental associations. Most of the time they only help on the surface of things, and there is always a danger of gum inflammation. Instead, visit us, and we will give your teeth a thorough cleaning that will leave your teeth clean and in great condition.

Don’t Delay

Many people have a fear of dentists because they associate it with the pain they endured upon visiting in childhood. Many people us put aside the preventive visits to us until they feel something is wrong. In many cases, serious problems could have been avoided with some preventative check-ups. Dentistry techniques have also improved over the years, and things are not as uncomfortable as they used to be.

The most common professional cleaning consists of scaling and polishing all four quadrants of your mouth. After that is done, all gaps between teeth should be flossed to make sure any debris and other deposits are completely removed. Visiting us even just once in every two years can decrease the risk of a heart attack or stroke by around 10 percent. This means that regular cleaning gives more than just a sparkling white smile. Overall you should take care of your teeth regularly so they will stay healthy for years.

For more information about teeth cleaning, call us at South Austin Dental at (512) 441-8922. Our team is ready to help.


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Here at South Austin Dental, we are ready to give your teeth a thorough cleaning to help prevent future problems. Click here to learn more and call us today!
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