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Dental Bridges
Austin, TX

3D rendering of dental bridges being placed at South Austin Dental in Austin, TXHere at South Austin Dental, we can provide dental bridges that offer comfort and practicality for years to come. Bridges will be recommended if you have absent teeth. If the gaps left by absent teeth are left unfilled, the other teeth tend to naturally fall into the empty space. The result is unevenly spaced teeth and risk of developing gum disease as well as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Bridges are made of different materials, just like crowns. Porcelain and ceramic are commonly used because they can easily match with the other teeth. It would help if you visited our practice so that we can advise on which bridges would be best for you. The best material for a bridge prosthetic tooth depends on the position of the tooth and its function. Cosmetic appearance for the tooth also counts for a lot while deciding the material.

Bridge Placements

The teeth adjacent to the gap are used as anchors for the bridge tooth. These are called abutments. The bridge tooth will be attached to a crown that will cover the abutment. Before the bridge tooth is inserted, the abutment has to be prepared to support the crown. The procedure is quite similar to that of inserting crowns. The anchor tooth might need to be built up or reduced in size to take the support the crown.

An impression of your tooth will be taken after it has been shaped properly and a bridge tooth will be made. Bridge teeth are permanent and can only be removed by a professional if need be. A temporary crown will be inserted on the prepared anchor tooth while you wait for the permanent bridge tooth to be completed. Once the bridge tooth is complete, it will be fixed in place, and the crowns cemented on the anchor teeth.

Getting Used to It

The new tooth might feel unnatural for a while, but you should get used to it soon enough. Once it has settled in, you can use your teeth just like any other person. If the tooth does not feel all right in one way or the other, come back to the clinic and get it checked. However, you should take extra care of your teeth to ensure the bridge tooth remains in good condition. Keep your teeth clean by brushing them regularly. Biting or chewing hard stuff might damage the tooth as well. Visit our clinic occasionally so that the tooth can be checked to ascertain that it’s in good condition.

Bridges help solve tooth gap issues for people who have lost teeth or are born with the gaps. The placement procedure is easy and hassle-free, although it should always be done by a professional. Bridges also help to ensure your other natural teeth remain in perfect condition. Visit our clinic if you feel you need some bridges inserted in your tooth-gaps. We will examine your dental structure and fix the best tooth bridges for you. If you have any questions about bridges, call South Austin Dental at (512) 441-8922 today.


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At South Austin Dental, we can replace missing teeth with dental bridges that offer comfort and practicality for years to come. Click here to learn more!
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