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Dental Bonding
Austin, TX

Girl smiling after getting dental bonding at South Austin Dental in Austin, TXOur expert team at South Austin Dental are experts on bonding. Dental bonding is a procedure where our experts apply a tooth-colored resin material to repair a fractured, discolored, or decayed tooth. It is different from veneers since it doesn’t require customized molds and can usually be done in only one appointment. It is so called because of the material bonds to the tooth, restoring the teeth and improving the appearance of your smile.

Is Bonding Right For You?

Bonding is a popular cosmetic dental procedure as it is easy and affordable. It can be used for a wide array of aesthetic teeth issues, including repairing of decayed, chipped or discolored teeth. It can also elongate the teeth, change their shape or close spaces between teeth. In some cases, it is also used to protect a part of the root of the teeth after the gums recede.

How to prepare

Unlike many other dental procedures, bonding doesn’t require preparation. It usually won’t include anesthesia, except when the teeth are drilled for shape change, or to fill a decayed tooth. We might also use anesthesia if your chip or fracture is close to the nerve.

The Procedure

The first step our dentist will make is choosing the resin color that will seamlessly match your teeth. We will slightly abrade the surface of the tooth to roughen it and apply a conditioning liquid. These primary steps will help the material used for bonding to adhere.

When the teeth are prepared, we will proceed to apply the resin, molding it and smoothing it out to achieve a natural shape. To harden the material, we will use a blue light or specialized laser. When the resin hardens, we will continue to smoothen and shape the tooth until it matches the neighboring teeth.

The process generally lasts less than one hour. If you need to use bonding for more than one tooth, you might need to come back for several visits. You should avoid cigarettes, tea, and tobacco for a few days after the procedure, to prevent stains. Additionally, brush your teeth as often as possible and occasionally visit us for thorough cleaning as well.

Minimal Risks

There aren’t large risks when opting for this procedure. However, the results aren’t as durable as they would be with other procedures such as veneers or fillings. Avoid biting hard materials with your bond since it is not as strong as natural teeth. In any case, you can expect that your bond will need a touch up within the next ten years.

Bonding is perfect for those who need a quick and affordable touch-up. It will significantly improve the appearance of your teeth by removing any small chips or discolorations. Furthermore, it’s a recommended solution for those who want to avoid using anesthesia.

If you’re not sure if bonding is the right procedure for your specific case, don’t hesitate to contact us at South Austin Dental at (512) 441-8922. It’s always best to consult with a professional to ensure the best possible results.

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At South Austin Dental, we can use dental bonding to repair a fractured, discolored, or decayed tooth. Click here to learn more and call us today!
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